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Swim Sunday and one of either Tuesday or Thursday

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Our club swims 3 times per week: Tuesday at 8PM, Thursday at 8PM, and Sunday at 7:30AM. Choose from above a package that fits your lifestyle. NOTE: Prices are based on 30 minute intervals (referred to as "blocks"), where each block is a cost of $75.
Club expectations:
  • Our season runs from Sept 9th, 2021 to June 12th 2022

  • There will be a small break during the Christmas break

  • We will option the number of lanes from Sungod based on registration, with a maximum of 5 swimmers per lane

  • There will not be a coach for the remainder of 2021. This will be revisited at this year's AGM.

  • For the start of the year, the pool is not offering us the meeting room. Therefore, our Sunday coffee klatches are cancelled until further notice.

Fee structure will be (does not include MSABC fees of $40 per swimmer):

  • $75 / 'block'

  • A block is 30 minutes. Therefore, by choosing any 1 hour session, you will be choosing 2 blocks - and the cost will be $150 for the season

  • When you purchase a package, you must choose which day(s) of the week you will swim. That is: You CANNOT choose to swim (say) on Tuesday and suddenly decide you want to swim on a Thursday... You must officially request a change and will only be granted if there is room on the alternative swim.