First Thoughts

We all have good days and bad days - sometimes we swim better than other time. this is life and is normal.  Do not fret about this!  If you feel one of your lane mates touching your toes - they aren't getting fresh - they just might be having a SUPER day, so please stop at the wall for a moment and let them pass you, give them 5 seconds, and continue on.


This is not the Olympic Training Center.  RELAX, HAVE FUN, DON'T STRESS - it will come in time!



Here are some clues to the workouts prepared by our fabulous coach. If you want to see what they look like in action, have a peak at the summer 2019 workout samples.


Important Numbers:

  • 1 length (from one end of the pool to the other) is 25 metres. 

  • Workouts are based on and written in distances (ie 50 free means 50 metres or 2 lengths of freestyle)

  • The multiplier:  the number of times you will repeat something (ie 4 x 50 free with :15 rest means you will swim 2 lengths of freestyle 4 times with 15 seconds rest between each 50)


About rest intervals: You might be used to swimming continuously without taking a break.  Coach Julian designs each workout to include strength training, stroke work, and cardio.  Rest intervals are an important part of each workout.  To get the most efficient workout, take the prescribed rest breaks.



Important Abbreviations:

  • RI = rest interval (the amount of time between sets)

  • SL = streamline (kicking position with arms about the head and hands together)

  • FT = finger tip (freestyle drill where fingers walk along water's surface)

  • with dive= it means you get out of the pool and dive

  • If you're not sure what something means, The Coach is happy to explain.

Workout Favorites:

12 x 50 kk 1'45"/2'=         kicking only, swim 50 meters at at time. Leave every minute-forty-five or every 2 minutes. Do this 12 times.


Intervals: Different ways to perform them

                                               100 fast

                                                75 fast + 25 easy

                                                50 fast + 50 easy

                                                25 fast + 75 easy

                                                100 easy


4-3-2-1   on :30                          Swim one length on a 30 second interval (see below).  Then two lengths on 60 seconds; three lengths on 90 seconds; and four lengths on two minutes.  Repeat it in reverse.  Sometimes called a pyramid.

100 get wet                              Get in the water and do 4 lengths of anything you want to get

                                                ready for practice and the rest of the workout


How to swim on an interval:

If the workout says 4 x 100 free on 2:00 then 2:00 (2 minutes) is the interval, this means that you have 2 minutes to swim 4 lengths of the pool and rest before you start again.  If you swim the 100 meters in 1:50, then you have 10 seconds rest before starting the next one.  The intervals are always written for each lane/ability level.

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